I work on Bainbridge Island near Seattle. I have lived on the east and west coasts of the US and abroad, including half time for several years in my house on the Mediterranean in Turkey. While in Turkey, a Turkish artist and I had a two-person exhibition at Deniz Askerli Musesi, a large gallery along the Bosphorus in downtown Istanbul.

As a artist, I create my own imagery influenced by my surroundings but not directly derived from the environment. This allows me the freedom to focus on the shapes and patterns and, equally important, the spaces between these shapes and patterns.

I have a strong interest in finding ways to make 2-dimensional painting 3-dimensional. This has led to painting on layers of Plexiglas and stacking them up. the result is there are many ways to view one piece depending on the postiion of the viewer. The ambient light casts shadows on the bottom layer from the shapes on the top layers.

Three dimensionality is also found in my tube paintings where painted paper tubes are gathered unto a surface making shapes and patterns.

I earned an MFA at Arizona State University.



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